vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Steaming up your braincircuit

A search for free cloth and what a jewel I found. Brain Circuit inc. is a shop filled with timeperiod outfits.
A large section is used for Victorian steampunk but also Georgian- and Goth theme is to be found. The gents are not forgotten, there's an equal offer of clothes and shoes for men and women.

I just love the setting and interior of this shop..
Brain Circuit provides this nice sailing teacup for exploring the surroundings.
Free matching outfits for men and women so I digged up Greebo and pursuaded him to take the human form for a while. This is the Lacey Outfit/ Fredrick Outfit.
 And Darlia Darling Gown/ Fine Gent
 What about these distinguished spectacles..
I spent quite some time in the shop to admire the lovely quality detailed outfits. A shop to remember and visit again!
and Greebo can be his charming little self again :)

PS. If you don't manage to tp inworlds by clicking the link, right click it, choose copy link, paste it in your chatbar and tp from there.  

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great find to stumble across! <3

  2. Maybe these outfits were sitting there for ages and I'm the last one to find them ;-)

  3. Due to the relatively small number of bloggers and HUGE number of creators IWz, this will occur quite often, as one only has so much time to discover old/new items!!! Great job bringing them to the reader's attention! <3