maandag 23 juni 2014

Neko or Costume party?

Neko shops have been the common theme running through my previous post so lets go all the way.
Today is all about this sweet or not so sweet kittycat in pink. A free variation on Catwoman, my beloved heroin.
This outfit "Pretty in Punk" I found in a grunge shop with the impossible name ViRTuaL ATTIRE from CHAOS to COUTURE. I already blogged "My Black Jumper" from this shop.
The cute neko ears and tail are from Bitch Tail. The tail is scripted and wiggles once in a while.
The boots are part of the freebie outfit "Be Mine" (Muse) I picked it up at one of the freebieplaces a while ago. I took the Freebie-Places-Tour, using the explorerhud, but can't find them again :(.

The sweet curled hair is a hunt item from Alli and Ali's (see previous post). I added a bit of pink.

This shop is like a growing habit but .. the shape and skin - Kyoko - are from Jill's Studio.
I got them by hitting the Lucky Mini Mania board. You'll need to be a groupmember to enter the board. but it's worth a try!
The skin (all tones) and shape come with additions; eyeliner, blush and freckles. And with skin appliers Evolve, but I never get them to work for me. I touch the hud and nothing happens.. is this just me?
Kyoko is a skin with character, in my opinion it's "calculated innocence". I tried to make a stronger impression by adding these long long, did I mention long? lashes, a gift from Venus.

Shape and skin: Kyoko shape and skin (Mini Mania) - Jill's Studio
Hair: Charlize Hair Raspberry (hunt)Alli and Ali Designs
Lashes: Eyelashes gift - Venus
Ears and wiggletail: Fluffmaster tail and neko ears - Bitch Tail
Outfit: Pretty in Punk - ViRTuaL ATTIRE
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