zaterdag 7 juni 2014

A bit of RL - Alpe d'HuZes

This is an experience I'd like to share because it is a happy one but with sad origin.
I've been on a short vacation. I went with a company of 11 (family and friends) to the Alpes in France. Mostly for fun ofcourse :)
But our main goal was to be there on june 5th and take part in a very large event to bring in money for KWF, the dutch cancer association.
Through the year people collect money from sponsors or by organising their own small events (like spinning classes etc) and on this particular day they face the challenge to make an attempt to bike up the Alpe d'Huez 6 times in one day. That's why the name Alpe d'HuZes, zes is six in dutch. The road on that mountain is 14 kilometers long and very steep with 22 curves. Some of our party took the challenge by bike and some of us (me too) walked the way up. Btw 1 x up was far enough for me ;-)
Some things I saw walking up that hill moved me to tears.
The harmony and unity of participants and supporters were so wonderfull. So many people have a loved one in mind doing this. In every curve people lighted candles and there were so many signs and supporting text. There was music everywhere and a large number of volunteers to make sure that all went well.
As the participants not only wear a paper with a number but also their first name, supporters shout them to the top. helping them to exceed their limits.
At the finish on the top thousands of people cheer and every name of the participant that cross the finish is broadcasted.
Closing time was at 8 o clock and by that time an amount of 12 million euro's was collected by some 5000 participants. That amount will grow in the next couple of weeks as donations will still come in..
Our team collected apr. 6000 euro's, I'm very proud of them all :)
The money collected is especially meant for research, so maybe in future cancer is a chronic disease and not life threatening as in many cases is now.
Opgeven is geen optie!

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  1. What a moving and insprational event... something to be very proud t be part of.
    May cancer be erased from this planet as soon as possible - it has taken far too many wonderful people from us.
    Hugs Moonta, take care xx