zondag 27 juli 2014

Not this but THAT!

My blogs are mostly about the THIS (freebiefun) but let's not forget the THAT's.
Yesterday I visited two events both on ElfClan regions:

Fleure's Enchanted Corner
Fleure Homewood is well known for hosting musical events @ her venue Fleure's Enchanted Corner , Falathrim.
A lot of Inworldz most respected musial artists perform there on a regular base. Fleure's enchanted corner has a solid group of visitors and their number is growing.
I like the friendly and welcoming athmosphere and it's a good opportunity to meet old and new friends.
Yesterday I attended a performance by Ultraviolet Alter.  

 "Her passion vibrates in the movement, rhythm and cadence that touch upon the essence of our human spirit" For me her synthesizer music felt relaxing, deep sounds variated by repeating soundbits.

 Fleure and the surroundings she created (Aurora level) to match the experience of Ultraviolet's sounds.

Sendalonde Theatre
Later that evening I attended a play (on voice) @ Sendalonde's Theatre. A unique experience. Two hilarious and funny shortplays were scheduled. To my regrets I only got to see the first shortplay (Dress rehearsal) because I crashed immense. My own fault.. don't try to put graphics high (for making pics) when there's 50 people around!
Producer: Ladyheart Muirin
Castmembers: Gerrard Winstanley, Ladyheart Muirin, Lion Ewry, Mathilde Vhargon, Rhiannon McKenna,
Rosslyn Guardian, Tadhg Muirin and Winter Wildcat.

 Scene on stage

The public applauded and complimented the cast who did so well. 
Even without a play going on the theatre is worth a visit for the interior's authentic feel.  

I'm looking forward to see the next play!

vrijdag 25 juli 2014


"Close your eyes, stop your ears
Close your mouth and then you know
Let others take the lead and you bring up the rear
And later you can say you didn't know"

Song of Choice  by Solas

And yes life is full of choices ..
But happily in this case Mimi makes some choices for us and she has great taste doing so.
I think most of us have at least once visited her simwide mall.
Mimi has managed to get the most sophisticated and special designers all under her roof with clothes, hairs, skins AO's and all you can think off for both men and women.

 click to enlarge!
When I visited Mimi's Choice I found this super gift from AlaFolie, a cocktaildress in cafe-vanille with matching shoes. In another part of the store I found a gift for may 1th (why am I so late to find these stuff..), a necklace and earrings with the looks of a piece of art. The jewelry comes with a hud to change textures. Happy mixing and matching :) 
click to enlarge!
The skin from Jill Studio's is a freebie ring gift and lovely as always.
The hair is "Marilyn" from Alli and Ali designs (A&A) but not free! I just couldn't resist it because it's so darn cute :)

Shape : MJ Starlight shape- Elvensong & my shop
Skin: Makiko Pinked (freebiering) - Jill Studios Mainstore
Dress: "AlaFolie" CAFE_VANILLE (gift) -AlaFolie@Mimi's Choice
Jewelry: joyeux 1er mai  (groupgift) - AlaFolie@Mimi's Choice

donderdag 17 juli 2014


A black day for the Netherlands. The unthinkable happened this afternoon. A boeing 777 from Malaysia Airlines that had left Amsteram Airport for Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Lombok crashed on the border of Ucrania and Russia. Strong believe is they were hit by missiles from Ucranian separists.
Confirmed at least 154 Dutch people died and many more from different nationalities*). My thoughts are with their families and friends.
25/7 Update victims:
*) Netherlands 194, Malaysia 43, Australia 27, Indonesia 12, United Kingdom 10, Belgium 4, Germany 3, Fillipines 3, Canada 1, New Sealand 1
The bodies that were found were brought home to the Neherlands where identification has started.
The search for remaining bodies and/or bodyparts still continues.


Long time no see. I've been very busy inworlds and in RL. Todays blogpost is all about Muse.
Heather Shadowheart is creator and owner of MUSE. She's one of the most gifted and generous creators I know in Inworldz. In her mainstore you'll find groupgifts, prizedrawing and lucky chairs with clothes and shoes directly from her stock.
Mesh clothes come in different sizes and fit perfectly. I really love her style and visit her shop again and again. Prices are unexpected low for this kind of quality.

And now Heather needs some of our generosity. Read why and how in her post on Inworldz forum right here.

Click to enlarge!
Muse's stock is far larger than is shown in shop. I bought the Etherial dress in green right here and it was real easy. All creations also can be seen on Muse's blog. Scrolling will make you greedy ;-)
As Heather is unable to cash out Izzies, donations can be made directly on her blog.

I'm wearing the current groupgift named "Tanked". The mesh tanktop comes in seven colors and five sizes and is accompanied by grey jeans with cuffs.

Skin: Maya - Peach - Plush (luckyboard) - Jill Studios Mainstore
Outfit: Tanked (groupgift) - Muse
Shoes: Purple Eleanor (groupgift) - Deviant Designs

donderdag 3 juli 2014

Oh boy!

Aother groupgift from Artful Designs. Oh boy those change so fast I even didn't get the chance to blog the previous one. And I can guarantee that was a cute one too!
So if you like this outfit, you better be fast.
Pants and high kicks are mesh. The pants come in different sizes Maybe you gotta tweak the points of attachement. Shoes and pants were both attached to hands so I changed that and attached the pants to a forearm. The outfit is named WoMans Gangsta.. but in this case it looks kinda sweet, as if my avi deceided to wear her brothers pants an go out to play with the boys.

Jill's  Studio is packing out. This skin is Ami-vintage the juli groupgift. On top of great monthly gifts every new skin released Jill will mark down 50% the first week. Jill's skins never dissapoint me. I just adore the red geisha lipstick on this one. I used the Starlight shape I made for the previous post but used the sliders for some "normal" ears.

The hair is Cholie in black/purple (dollarbie) and I'm wearing a simple necklace I once made as a gift to my friends. The chinese symbols represent friendship (at least I was told ).

Shape: Starlight shape (freebie) - My Shop and ElvenSong (I added the "shape WITH ears in the Starlight box)
Skin: Ami-Vintage (groupgift july) - Jill's Studio
Hair: Cholie Black Violet (dollarbie) - London Core
Outfit: WoMans Gangsta (groepgift) - Artful Designs
Necklace: MJ Friendshipcord (freebie)- My Shop