woensdag 11 juni 2014

A Ring for Ursula

Does the freebiering ring a bell to you?
The freebiering is an initiative by Wolf Hartnell from Wolf-Tek and a very nice way to attrack people to your store. The website even lists the freebies that are currently available.. just have a look here.
I jumped in the ring and found great quality items and great quality stores I had never been before.

I'm wearing the Bridgette Short Outfit (comes with a swimsuit) from Avien's Tenth Avenue, a nice little shop with lovely outfits for reasonable prices. As I'm wearing sneakers, I made matching socks.
HOW TO MAKE SOCKS * the easy way
-go in appearance
-choose "edit outfit"
-click "clothing"
-click "socks"
-The lower menu will show you all socks you have in your inventory. Right click on any of them and choose "create new socks"
- use the slider for the desired socklength and color them as you like
- save the socks and name them. You'll find them in your inventory under clothes-tab.   

It seemed *TARO* has another free shape and skin Ursula (I already blogged Faye). Both very good looking and even better, the shape is modify so you can tweak her. I don't always like the free shapes but this one has good proportions and an interesting face.
I got the hair from a brown hair package at AMB freebiebasement. The hair is not flexi alas but I do like this bobstyle. The watery blue eyes are from *TARO* again, they came with the Faye groupgift.
Every girl needs some undies for one can loose attachements while teleporting ..;-)  This emerald bra and panties are from Sophia's Fashion. There's five different colors in the package.

Shape: *TARO*_Ursula_shape - *TARO*
Skin: *TARO*_Ursula_light_ Daily - *TARO*
Eyes: *TARO*_Secrets_Eyes_1 (groupgift) - *TARO*
Hair: AMB Layered Bob -DARK BROWN (box: Free Hair Brown) - AMB Bargain Basement
Clothes: Bridgette - Shorts & T-shirt freebiering - Avien's Tenth Avenue
Undies: Women's Bra and Panty Sets (Emerald) freebiering -  Sophia Fashions
Shoes:  DkDenim  Sneakers (groupgift) - Venus
Socks:  Homemade

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  1. Lovely finds!
    Ursula suits you well... I adore *TARO* skins and I think I saw it has a sprinking of FRECKLES! YAY!