donderdag 29 mei 2014

Blowing kisses

I blog freebies. At least I try to find free nice creations that I like to share. I'm a builder at heart but this is another way of being creative as I'm a bit tired of building at the moment.
It struck me there are so many giving people in Inworldz. Oh I know, freebies are a way to advertise business but I see merchants who are so generous in what and how much they share.
So here's how I'd like to express my gratitude :)

I found this nice chalkboard @ Distorted Dreams
Most of the times I forget myself (blushes) but if you picked up a freebie and you are really pleased, im or send a note to the merchant/ creator and tell 'm. Nothing nicer than getting appreciation for the time and effort you put in a creation.

woensdag 28 mei 2014

The Great Gift Giveaway

Alternate Metaverse, owned by Cataplexia Numbers and  Mike Chase, celebrates their 7 Year Anniversary with a Great Gift Giveaway. There are 4 sims to explore and 23 gift boxes to be found and they are not well hidden ;-). The Hunt runs from May 24th through June 1st and starts HERE . Don't miss this, still some days to hunt for awesome gifts.

Happy Anniversary Cat & and Mike and many more creative years to come!

 Goodies..!!! Now where do I start to unpack ...

maandag 26 mei 2014

I dyed my hair & freebie outfit

I'm wearing ViRTuaL ATTIRE's freebie for the ladies. The shop also has a men's section with at least one free outfit. Black is one of my favourite colors so I like this black jumper and miniskirt. I'm wearing a black top under the jumper as the front is very low. I completed the outfit with ankle boots from Deviant Designs. The boots have cute spikes on the back.

click picture to enlarge
The skin is another one from CMC 's generous welcome gifts for new residents. The brows are a bit low but you can edit a bald head to get them how you see fit.
How to:
Go in appearance
edit outfit
choose the hair icon (has to be modifiable)
choose eyebrows tab
play with the sliders and see the effect.

On this moment there is a bug that makes it hard to save edits.
Best you can do is go to one of Inworldz sandboxes , edit and save by logging out and back in to the sandbox again.   

The shape is my own and this body is not for sale ;-)
The heavy eye make-up is on the skin but I gave her a peach lipstick I picked up @ Adorable Skiins from Summer Rose. Enlarge the picture to see the nice eye and nose piercing (tattoo layer) also from Adorable Skins. The hair is the current gift from A&A (Alli & Ali). I have the lovely liquid eyes in several colors but I almost forgot these blue ones are for free.

click picture to enlarge

I dyed my hair !

And this is how I did it.
Copy the (modifiable) hair and rezz the copy you made on the floor. Select the hair by right click and open it's contents. Drag a colour change menu script into the contents. Wear the hair and click it. A menu will pop up to select a colour. Try out different colors, you'll be amazed of the effects that are possibe. Go wild and make it green or pink. Ofcourse this will only work on a light colored hair.
Make sure you rename the hair. Works for prim and mesh hair (unless the mesh hair already has a colorchange menu). The only thing different is I couldn't make the menu work for rigged mesh hair while wearing it.
A free colour change script is available at The Free Script Library .

click picture to enlarge

Skin: Magic Gift skin - CMC Creations
Lipstick: Lipstick Peach - Adorable Skins
Piercings: Eye and nose piercing - Adorable Skins
Hair: Raina Hair Rust - Alli & Ali
Eyes:  Liquid Eyes (Midnight) - Deviant Designs
Clothes: My black jumper (including miniskirt) - ViRTual ATTIRE
Shoes: Stefani Tan - Deviant Designs

zaterdag 24 mei 2014


My two friends Alexina Proctor and Prax Mayjasz opened their new shoplocation for Featherburr
Featherburr is the brandname for furniture (mostly rustic, antique and medieval) rugs, some pottery and a large collection of reproductions of art paintings. Four! floors of furniture and several gifts for visitors.

These sweeties sit on my bed @ my home.

The shop is located on a skyplatform above Tolmire and connected to Sendalonde which is well known for it's huge professional community library , theatre and Art Plaza .
The Art Plaza contains a private collection of creations of the many artists of Inworldz and is curated by quadrapop tree.

Cheers for both Alexina and Prax for their hard work, their eye for beauty and quality and their generous contribution to the community of Inworldz.
So proud to have them and their beautifull regions as part of Elf Clan.
Alex and Prax welcome all visitors. No need to buy anything but if you pay them a compliment it will be gracefully accepted :)
Congrats Alexina and Prax !

vrijdag 23 mei 2014


A cluster of 18 Victorian themed regions are about to be gone from Inworldz.
And that's a shame!
A farewell  party is scheduled on the 30th of may. I hope it will just turn into a farewell to spring party as was original the idea.
An impression to show the diversity of this - one of a kind- realm named Victoriana

woensdag 21 mei 2014

Chez Lady in Red (medieval theme)

This is the last post on medieval theme for now..
Fayre Scribe from Chez Fayre is a well known creator of time-period and fantasy clothing. Looking for Middle-Earth clothes? It's all there. This dress is set for free in her shop.
The surfcae of Fayre's region is like a fairy and worth to pay a visit as well.
Again I used the free CMC shape and yet another CMC skin. This skin is very pale so I thought it would be nice to complete it with ash blonde hair.

I got the prim hair from a lucky board @ Deviant Designs. All colors AND matching hairbases were in the package. Eyes in blue-violet match the subtile eyeshadow on the face.

For you to know:
Big boobs always are popular in the virtual worlds.... This morning I read in a newspaper that the skinny/hungerlook is no longer the standard in RL modelwork. Big(ger) boobs are popular again thanks to Victoria's Secret :-D

Shape: Female Shape Welcome Gift - CMC skins
Skin: Emma Whisper Gift - CMC skins
Hair: Elora light ash - Deviant Designs
Eyes: ME! Eyes_blue violet  - my shop and Elvensong
Dress: Milady in red - Chez Fayre

dinsdag 20 mei 2014

Medieval t(w)o(o)

This medieval lady wears a green raw silk dress. Imagine her as the lady of the castle ready to sit at a banquet. The dress has rich details and comes with sculpted slippers and sash.

The hair was an A&A gift, I checked the store but no more :-(.  I'll blog the new gift hair another time. The light Skin is a groupgift from CMC and has nice freckles and delicate eyebrows. The shape is the same as I used in previous post.

She might as well have only just walked out of the Game of Thrones set :)

I'm very loyal to my own shape and looks. I have my avi-shape for years now, I copied her from my sl avi when i came to Inworldz and I don't intend to change things. Gotta admit tho I have her gain or loose some pounds every now an then. Still it is nice to play with different shapes and skins that are not my personal choice but turn out to be so great. It's like playing with a costume box with infinite possibilities.

Shape : Female Shape Welcome Gift - CMC
Skin : CMC Seduction Cameo Freckles Freebie - CMC (groupgift)
Eyes : ME! eyes_vivid green - My shop and Elvensong
Dress : Bonny (shoes included) - Madison's creations

maandag 19 mei 2014

A medieval touch for free

Madison sells the most wonderfull medieval gowns. I found two free ones in her store. Great for RP.
First there's Ulla. Detalied and laced,  a corset that makes a very thin waist. Also flat shoes come with this every day dress.

Caren McCaw's CMC is a large sophisticated shop with the most wonderfull skins. This megan skin is hidden in a large free surprisebox for new residents, full of skins and eyes and also this lovely modifiable shape.

The hair Ophelia is to be found on the freebie/ discount wall at Evie's closet. Evie marked most of her outfits down to 50 % of the original price. And that's a bargain for what (mostly fantasy themed outfits) she has in her store.
Eyes are from my free package described in an earlier post. These are the dark hazel ones.

Shape: CMC Female Shape Welcome Gift - CMC skins
Skin: CMC Megan Copper Fall Group Gift - CMC skins
Hair: Ophelia - Evie's closet
Eyes: ME! eyes_dark hazel - My shop or Elvensong
Gown (shoes included): Ulla - Madison's creations

zondag 18 mei 2014

Free eyes

On my freebiehunts I noticed there are some free eyes but not that many and not always that nice.
I downloaded these from OpenSim Creations. The textures were made by Mistletoe.The creator meant these eyes to be free and they may not be sold in any form.
I placed a box with all 20 pairs here:
My shop
Elvensong freebee wall

The eyes are mod/ copy. If you think they are too bright open appearance/ edit outfit/ bodyparts/
click the eyes and use the slider on eye lightness.

Ghosts WHOOOOooo

There are ghosts and they inhabit other grids. They are the souls of avatars lost to us, like echos from other dimension, it is said, though no one knows for sure. What we do know is a weakness in the structure of metaverse has opened and they now wander. 
This installation continues an ongoing theme of reflections in virtual space. In this case the avatars are reflected from an identical sim in the Second Life Grid to here and visa versa. their movement, the avatars height and rotation are reflected on to this sim.
They are the shadows of shadows or, if you like the avatars of avatars of people.

This was the start of an intriguing note that was sent by Jeri Rahja from Inworldz Dreamz and Visionz Art Fests. Glyph Graves managed to do great wizardry by creating a channel from grid to grid, in this case SL and Inworldz. We are able to chat with the people on the other side and they appear to us as a ghost avi or the other way around. I had a wonderfull experience and some nice chats.

Regions involved are:
SL - LEA21
Inworldz - Translations

Ghosts and avies on the "other"side. When a ghost is in conversation it has colors.
The landscape fits the ghostly theme as a glove, desolate and mysterious. Dj G-Winz's matching music made the fest complete.
I met my Ghost and I sat on her :)
Natural habitat for these horrid slimey creatures ..

dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Everchanging Moon

The many faces of the Moon :) If tired of your looks but you don't have enough money to buy an expensive new skin, try a (much cheaper) make up. These are like tattoo layers, don't use wear but add instead. And uhm.. mixing and matching is rather addictive :)

Top left is a (bare) Kazumi skin from Jill's, top right I put on a lipstick from Cinnamon Girl. Smoke and pink eyeshadows (both Jill) for the lower picks.
 These make ups come from Cinnamon Girl. All appr. 25 izzies a piece.
And if you are still in for another skin, they aren't always that expensive. Just keep looking for them. This is not a make up but another Kazumi skin. Not very clear in the picture but it shows some teeth :D and even has a beautymark. A top skin for a very low price!

maandag 12 mei 2014

SF 'n LC

Back to some freebies and some almost freebies.
I tp-ed on a note from SF designs that mentioned the free roses n cream party dress.
Pleasantly surprised to see this elegant shop for ladies and gents and even more pleased to see and try on this gorgious dress.
The dress has a mesh skirt (all sizes) and also a flexi skirt. Mesh puffed sleeves and back ties.
I prefer the mesh skirt, brings a little edge on this lovely dress.

While in the shop I found another free (evening) gown. Maybe a bit old school but certainly not outdated.
If you like simple elegance, this really is a dress suitable for many occassions. To make the fun complete: the dress comes with different skirts a bow and black pumps.
Skin, hair and eyes are from London Core. I remember that the owner/ creator didn't have the time to maintain her business but her shop stayed by the grace of the region owners. Almost all skins, hairs, eyes, and clothes are marked down to 1 Iz. No new items are added but there's enough to shop till you drop and not get broke :). I do like this sweet faced skin.

The shape is my own  Ears and lashes are from Elfworkz and not for free (but certainly not expensive).

Skin: Raven Honey Natural- London Core
Hair: LC Kim Hair (Almond)- London Core
Eyes: LC Trance Brown Eyes- London Core
Dresses: roses n cream party dress & liberty gown - SF Design

maandag 5 mei 2014

Gypsies in Bellethiel

Bellethiel is owned by cracker taggart, one of the initiators of the Gypsy group.

This group is for all in IW who want to hear about and join in with GYPSY camps, festivals and events and to develop intersim collaborations where gypsies can freely roam and gather together.

Bellethiel is the ultimate gypsy region, wild and untamed with many hidden surprises.
The region is still under construction but beautifull as is already.
Gypsies roam from region to region when invited but cracker promised a dance every sunday 1pm.  All with a gypsy soul are welcome.
Read about the Gypsies of Inworldz right here

                                              stairs leading to?....

                                                             magic mushrooms

very strange encounter

                                            *sighs.. what a view...

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Killing the lag monster

Two methods of greatly reducing crashes have been discovered:
Turn on Advanced menu with ctrl-alt-D
Go to debug menu:
Set XferThrottle set to 1500 instead of 15000
Set FSDestroyGLTexturesImmediately set to TRUE
Note that the second option flushes textures 'behind you' every 20 seconds, so can cause texture reloading and some additional lag when turning around. But... is preferable to crashings. : )

Freebies 3 - meet YUE

I have 1/8 asian blood running through my veigns so I think I'm entitled to become this asian girl once in a while. Meet Yue

Mysterious eyes and pouting full lips. Again I shopped freebies and groupgifts. Here's what Yue is made of:
Yue's skin (Maya groupgift) is from a shop named "Jill" Upstairs is a men's section named "Jack".
Jill has a lot of groupgifts, some freebies, (very cheap) bargainsales and luckyletters boards. The shop is bright, colorfull and mostly asian orientated. I didn't use the shape that came with the skin. I didn't like her that much ;-). I used a freebieshape (no mod) named "Asha".

hard to see on the picture but lovely on screen: I added the -freckles add on-  from another Jill groupgift (Jaymee skins). Another add-on painted Yue's lips this nice soft pink (Kazumi lip tint- Lush red). Liptints were won from a Luckyletters-board in the shop.
Yue's wearing Ilianor Illios necklace, a generous gift from one of the most talented artists I know. Earrings not shown in the picture.

Yue's dress and ugg(z)- lookalikes again come from Jill's. Use add instead of wear to put on the boots. Stockings were a freebie once from "Not so effing serious it's pudding" I went to the shop but didn't find them again. Fun shop tho !

Shape: Asha Shape - Calia Creators Freebie Store
Skin: Maya - Jill (groupgift)
Add-ons: Maya Black Brows, Kazumi Liptint-Lush Red, Jaymee Freckles Add On - Jill (groepgifts, letterboard)
Hair: EMO-tions:. * CORA * black-groupgift -EMOtions
Eyes: RE_HD_Light Rain - Calia Creators Freebie Store
Clothes: Minka Top and skirt - Jill  (august groupgift)
Shoes: Uggz dark pink  - Jill (january groupgift)
Jewelry: Donna Fiortia - The Free Shop- Free 4 All

(Makes mental note to immediately ad a landmark when nice freebie is found, saves lots of time ;- )