zondag 29 juni 2014

Starlight for the Faes

Do You like faes and faeries? My region is named Ithil Dae, which means Moonshadow so I made these lovely faeries who come out to play in the full moonlighted nights.
I'm not a skinmaker but I downloaded free skintemplates here and I used photoshop to alter them. In this case I colored the skin in soft shades of blue and green and I added some moon and star tattoos. The most difficult task was to color the headpart so it would match the upperbody template without a seam showing. How fortunate uploading is without costs in Inworldz ;-)

I dressed my faery in a pink top and skirt, a groupgift from Avene, a shop for full perm skin and clothes templates.
Wings and ballerinas are part of the Nim Fairy outfit, a freebie from Simply Fae. The dress that goes with them is very beautiful but didn't show enough skin for my purpose. Check out Simply Fae though, one of the best shops in Inworldz for Elf, Faery and Pixi outfits.
The ears are actually neko ears from a sculpt package from Arcane, but I do think they do well disguised as faery ears.
I put the Starlight skin, shape and faery ears as a gift in my shop and on the freebiewall in ElvenSong.
Enjoy :)
Click on pics to enlarge!

Shape, skin and sculpted ears: Starlight package - My Shop and ElvenSong
Eyes: ME! free eyes package - My Shop and ElvenSong
Hair: Marlina-Iced Latte (I dyed it green/ blue) dollarbie!  - London Core
Dress: Pink Dress groupgift- Avene
Wings and shoes: Fairy Nim gift -Simply Fae

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  1. You clever Fae! I haven't dared try creating any skins or clothes - although the templates are all in my inventory!
    Well done, they look lovely! xxx