dinsdag 8 december 2015

maandag 9 februari 2015

The Freebieshack

Makes no sense at all this music with this post but it happens to be Valentine soon so here's a song I can listen over and over again.
Nothing Reilly Matters- Mr Probz

Paperwhite Village @ Fusepark, is the home of Full Perm Sculpties owner Rusalka Writer.Who DOESN't own one or more of her Boxes o' Sculpties...
The residents of Paperwhite Village made a home and or keep shops. I have a satelite shop there since way way back. Rents are cheap and I just happen to like the look of that place lots.

Sometimes I take a stroll to see what's new and I stumbled upon this odd little shop; The Freebieshack. The Freebieshack, subtitled "Old free junk"is owned by Avia Lake.
The notecard that comes with the goodies says:
"you can find all of my old, random, crappy and sometimes useful things that I've created for fun over the years"
Anyway some items are useless but hilarious. What about a hairstraightener or an "ugly deskbell"
Other items are cute or maybe exactly what you need.
A refreshing and surprising freebieplace :)

Here's the "sexy smiler" I took. Not just the boring creepy repeating smile but a few facial emotes that are lined up in one Smiler.

The Leafy Stick in my mouth and the Heart Necklace are gifts I found @ the Love of Inworldz Artfest. Curtsy to the artists Violetta Biziou and Miso Susanowa.

zaterdag 7 februari 2015

Valentine Girl

It's almost Valentine's Day, here's a handy list with Valentine Songs

Sophia Larkspur from Sophia's Fashion is spoiling us rotten with this Valentine Dress.
Notice the details in this dress, from the cut out hearts near the left shoulder to the waist attachement with golden hearts to the delicate ruffles that hang down from waist and knees.
The dress comes with lovely heart-earrings that match the ornaments on the waist attachement.

 Click to enlarge!
Yet another great skin from Jill Studio. This skin is the januari groupgift for groupmembers, add on lashes are included.
I matched it with a shape I got earlier at Jill Studios. The shape is mod and by the look of the name (...new new ..) I edited this skin several times.

Click to enlarge!
I got the hair visiting Alli & Ali's once again. This is from a snowball (Christmas ??) hunt but the gifts are still there. There are 30! hairs to be found, a lot of them are for guys or unisex. All these hairs come in white but I colored this one black (use a greytone instead of black).

Click to enlarge!
The eyes (large grey eyes with a cute pink heart in the pupil) and the fingernails are from ChicaDelic.
The nails ( in multiple sizes) are a groupgift  and come with a hud to color the nails.

Shape: Kyoko Shape - Jill Studios Mainstore
Skin:Reiko - Shimmer (bronze)/januari 2015 groupgift - Jill Studios Mainstore
Dress and matching earrings: Adore Sequined Gown Pink (groupgift)- Sophia Fashion Mainstore
Hair: A&A Fina Hair Snow White (hunt/snowball 13) - Alli&Ali Designs
Eyes and fingernails: Valentine Hearts Eyes (Limited gift),  French Mesh Nails with HUD/ groupgift - ChicaDelic Creations

Love of Inworldz - don't miss seeing it

The Artfest Love of Inworldz is from feb th till feb 14th.
Don't miss seeing it!
Five regions of art and beautifull scenery. Several landscape artists worked together to make it a great place to walk and enjoy.
Start here at The Frozen Heart Castle

 View on the heart shaped lake 

I visited one of the live performances the other day: Rhiannon McKenna doing her Cloud dance.
Here's my impression of this unique experience. Rhiannon will perform again on Feb 13th 3PM,
Main stage Love of Inworldz Artfest