donderdag 19 juni 2014

Peek A Boo ;)

Forgive me if I use some free items again in new posts but I think mix- and matching is most interesting.

This outfit is named Peek a Boo from a shop named Butterfly Kisses (lovely name btw.)  Peek a Boo because it shows some belly and a tiny piece of the butt.
Seeing this outfit on the sellbox didn't make me enthousiastic at once but while wearing it looks so incredibly CUTE. The wrinkles are in the right places and give "substance".
The quality of this work is very good and I would buy from this creator without any doubts.
Add some wings and this also would make a great pixie outfit.

The shape is again from "Jill". Firm sexy body and thighs and a very feminine pronounced butt.

Skins just look different on different shapes. I always try demos before buying a skin. Sometimes I make pictures wearing different skins and look at them together to see which one looks best.This skin is also "Jill" and the latest groupgift. The shape that comes with the skin is a good one but today I used the shape that came with a Kazumi-skin (not a freebie).
I modded the shape a bit, I remember making her head a bit smaller.
I freckled the face with an add on and gave her smokey eyes. The hair is a free ponytail from Destiny.   

High heeled killer pumps "Gretchen" are a groupgift from Deviant Designs. Comes with a hud to color the skin and/ or retexture the pumps. I added (how appropiate) a delicate silver butterfly anklet.

Skin:  Kumiko - June Group Gift - Jill
Add on: Jaymee - Freckles Add On (groupgift) - Jill & Marina Eyeshadow Gift -  Bilo
Hair: Cyndra - Strawberry (groupgift) - Destiny hair
Outfit: Peek a Boo- Green - Butterfly Kisses
Shoes: Gretchen Pumps - Deviant Designs
Jewelry: Butterfly Anklet ( freebiering ) - Chele's fine clothing

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