zondag 29 juni 2014

Starlight for the Faes

Do You like faes and faeries? My region is named Ithil Dae, which means Moonshadow so I made these lovely faeries who come out to play in the full moonlighted nights.
I'm not a skinmaker but I downloaded free skintemplates here and I used photoshop to alter them. In this case I colored the skin in soft shades of blue and green and I added some moon and star tattoos. The most difficult task was to color the headpart so it would match the upperbody template without a seam showing. How fortunate uploading is without costs in Inworldz ;-)

I dressed my faery in a pink top and skirt, a groupgift from Avene, a shop for full perm skin and clothes templates.
Wings and ballerinas are part of the Nim Fairy outfit, a freebie from Simply Fae. The dress that goes with them is very beautiful but didn't show enough skin for my purpose. Check out Simply Fae though, one of the best shops in Inworldz for Elf, Faery and Pixi outfits.
The ears are actually neko ears from a sculpt package from Arcane, but I do think they do well disguised as faery ears.
I put the Starlight skin, shape and faery ears as a gift in my shop and on the freebiewall in ElvenSong.
Enjoy :)
Click on pics to enlarge!

Shape, skin and sculpted ears: Starlight package - My Shop and ElvenSong
Eyes: ME! free eyes package - My Shop and ElvenSong
Hair: Marlina-Iced Latte (I dyed it green/ blue) dollarbie!  - London Core
Dress: Pink Dress groupgift- Avene
Wings and shoes: Fairy Nim gift -Simply Fae

donderdag 26 juni 2014

The gateway to your soul

This is the female base starter skin from Pixelicious Designs. Very basic indeed so we'll have to dress her up.
The brows already have a lovely and detailed shape. So this is good "claymud" to play with.

I'm a big fan of add on's. I used a make up from Cinnamon Girl (not free but cheap) a shop with good affordable skins and tons of  make ups. Shape and primlashes are from London Core (both dollarbies).

Mystery with surname -the gateway to your soul - is a large and very pleasant shop to visit. All areas are tastefully designed and decorated. It feels like the shopowner/creator was thinking carefully as where to place every item. In other words .. this shop is eyecandy :).

Would you believe it? but this lovely dress is a freebie. It comes with the shoes and flowered belt and arm decoration. (The shoes alone are worth the visit :)
The shop has spaces for ladies and gents (skins, shapes, clothes), for plants and flowers and for cute gift items. Very handy if you need a present for a friend or just want to treat yourself.


I just couldn't resist to do myself a favor with this adorable pluche cow (not free!)

Shape: Imari (dollarbie) - London Core
Skin: Female Base Starter Skin - Pixelicious Creative Designs
Eyes: ME! eyes_violet grey - ElvenSong or My shop
Make up: Makeup 11 (25 izzies) - Cinnamon Girl
Eyelashes: LC Prim Lashes (dollarbie) - London Core
Hair:  * MADAME * /darkbrown (groupgift)  - EMO-tions
Outfit: When the Night Comes Gown in Petal (shoes included) - Mystery
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maandag 23 juni 2014

Neko or Costume party?

Neko shops have been the common theme running through my previous post so lets go all the way.
Today is all about this sweet or not so sweet kittycat in pink. A free variation on Catwoman, my beloved heroin.
This outfit "Pretty in Punk" I found in a grunge shop with the impossible name ViRTuaL ATTIRE from CHAOS to COUTURE. I already blogged "My Black Jumper" from this shop.
The cute neko ears and tail are from Bitch Tail. The tail is scripted and wiggles once in a while.
The boots are part of the freebie outfit "Be Mine" (Muse) I picked it up at one of the freebieplaces a while ago. I took the Freebie-Places-Tour, using the explorerhud, but can't find them again :(.

The sweet curled hair is a hunt item from Alli and Ali's (see previous post). I added a bit of pink.

This shop is like a growing habit but .. the shape and skin - Kyoko - are from Jill's Studio.
I got them by hitting the Lucky Mini Mania board. You'll need to be a groupmember to enter the board. but it's worth a try!
The skin (all tones) and shape come with additions; eyeliner, blush and freckles. And with skin appliers Evolve, but I never get them to work for me. I touch the hud and nothing happens.. is this just me?
Kyoko is a skin with character, in my opinion it's "calculated innocence". I tried to make a stronger impression by adding these long long, did I mention long? lashes, a gift from Venus.

Shape and skin: Kyoko shape and skin (Mini Mania) - Jill's Studio
Hair: Charlize Hair Raspberry (hunt)Alli and Ali Designs
Lashes: Eyelashes gift - Venus
Ears and wiggletail: Fluffmaster tail and neko ears - Bitch Tail
Outfit: Pretty in Punk - ViRTuaL ATTIRE
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zondag 22 juni 2014

Alli's candy and more sweets

Sometimes I visit shops out of habit, see if there's something new or just because I like the place.
Alli and Ali is one of them. I found out there's a hunt going on (one I didn't notice earlier).

It's very rewarding to do the hunt !
This is one of the hairs I won, I dyed  it a bit of brown, so it would fit the outfit I'm wearing. The original color is Raspberry. Nothing wrong with that color either :)
Shape and skin are Jill's. Jill has a new shop (larger and revamped) and I didn't find the groupgifts (yet). But there's mini mania, midnight mania and letterboards.
The collar and bracelet I found @ a neko shop named Eva Lou Creation. Lot's of goodies there, such as free gestures and partystuff and also five luckyletter chairs. If you love Neko go and check it out.

The mesh dress I wear is a freebie from Bitch Tail, this link is to the shop's blog. I matched the dress with a legging that's part of a (neko) outfit from Sweets! The ankle-high boots are a groupgift from Deviant Designs.

Shape: Kumiko Shape (groupgift) - Jill Studios
Skin: Keiko - Tea - Chinese New Year (groupgift) - Jill Studios
Hair: Nadira Hair Raspberry (hunt item) - Alli and Ali Designs
Dress: Candy Bitch Tail
Legging: Neko original pants -Sweets!
Shoes: Stefani tan - Deviant Designs
Jewelry: Collar and bracelet Earth CollectionEva Lou Creations
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zaterdag 21 juni 2014

All things come and go, nothing is forever

I started this blog for fun and because I wondered if I could manage to start a nice avatar build on freebies.
During my sl -time I had a friend who almost had a days job to find the nicest free outfits and sending weekly notecards with pictures and landmarks about them. 
I remember, as a creator, I was thrilled if my items were blogged in Fabulous Free. 
I find Inworldz creators very generous. Besides the well known freebieplaces, just walk around in a mall and there's almost always a nice "catch".  
My blogposts are temporary though.
Shops come and go or move. Groupgifts are replaced or just taken away. Items that were free one day have a price the next day. That's how things goes and it's all up to the creator or shopkeeper and that is how it should be. Change is a good thing or we'll get bored.
So if you are working back thru my blogposts they might give you an outdated feel in some cases. I'm not going to check them ;-). I still think they give a nice impression of possibilities being a little bit creative and show the craftmanship of Inworldz designers. 
So if you make that click to visit a shop and don't find what you were looking for, relax and have a look around. Maybe you'll make other pleasant discoveries. (And if you do tell ME about them ;-))

donderdag 19 juni 2014

Peek A Boo ;)

Forgive me if I use some free items again in new posts but I think mix- and matching is most interesting.

This outfit is named Peek a Boo from a shop named Butterfly Kisses (lovely name btw.)  Peek a Boo because it shows some belly and a tiny piece of the butt.
Seeing this outfit on the sellbox didn't make me enthousiastic at once but while wearing it looks so incredibly CUTE. The wrinkles are in the right places and give "substance".
The quality of this work is very good and I would buy from this creator without any doubts.
Add some wings and this also would make a great pixie outfit.

The shape is again from "Jill". Firm sexy body and thighs and a very feminine pronounced butt.

Skins just look different on different shapes. I always try demos before buying a skin. Sometimes I make pictures wearing different skins and look at them together to see which one looks best.This skin is also "Jill" and the latest groupgift. The shape that comes with the skin is a good one but today I used the shape that came with a Kazumi-skin (not a freebie).
I modded the shape a bit, I remember making her head a bit smaller.
I freckled the face with an add on and gave her smokey eyes. The hair is a free ponytail from Destiny.   

High heeled killer pumps "Gretchen" are a groupgift from Deviant Designs. Comes with a hud to color the skin and/ or retexture the pumps. I added (how appropiate) a delicate silver butterfly anklet.

Skin:  Kumiko - June Group Gift - Jill
Add on: Jaymee - Freckles Add On (groupgift) - Jill & Marina Eyeshadow Gift -  Bilo
Hair: Cyndra - Strawberry (groupgift) - Destiny hair
Outfit: Peek a Boo- Green - Butterfly Kisses
Shoes: Gretchen Pumps - Deviant Designs
Jewelry: Butterfly Anklet ( freebiering ) - Chele's fine clothing

Click on the pics to enlarge

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Orange is the new black

click to enlarge
World Championship Soccer 2014
Next weeks orange is the new black in the Netherlands ;-)

13/6 Netherlands -Spain: 5-1
18/6 Australia- Netherlands : 2 /3  I hope for a fair game with a lot of thrills :)

update 18/6: I watched the game and have a headache now. The dutch won but were NOT good...

Hup Holland hup Laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan
Hup Holland hup Trek het beestje geen pantoffels aan
Hup Holland hup
Laat je uit 't veld niet slaan
Want de leeuw op voetbalschoenen
Durft de hele wereld aan 

Free fanshirts available at Marian's Clothing Shop
Matching flags on the cheeks, orange socks and nails; homemade.

Enjoy the games !

zondag 15 juni 2014

And I don't wanna break a nail

I think it was a note in The Pulse of Inworldz-group that made me visit Artful Designs a shop with sassy and mostly casual outfits. This GTA V outfit is the current groupgift. Though all but one displayed outfits are for women, this groupgift is available for men also. The groupcharter of Artful Designs says "We put our heart in"... and it shows.
The outfit is completed with these mesh high tops. A perfect fit. Both shoes had the same point of attachment. The points of attachment are left and right hand so just change it to the other hand.

These fingernails I did find @ Avene Beaute Creations, a shop for skins and texture templates. The nails come in textures only and this is how you make the nails. These are like a tattoo/ glove layer, not mesh nails.
HOW TO make fingernails from a texture
- Open inventory and click "create" in the top bar
- Choose "New Clothes" and "New Tattoo" from the menu
- Add or wear the "New Tattoo"
- Right click "New Tattoo" in your inventory and choose edit
- Drag the nailtexture from your inventory in Upper Tattoo
- Choose "save as" and name your fingernails
- You'll find your fingernails under the tab clothing in your inventory

To prevent your skull from shining through your hair use a hairbase as shown in the picture.
EMO-tions has a package of 8 different colored hairbases for free.

Outfit: GTA V outfit (groupgift) - Artful Designs
Nails: Nails layer texture-full perm. Avene Beaute Creations
Hair: Sara Hair (Iced Latte) (dollarbie! & I dyed it) - London Core
Hairbase: Free Hairbases - EMO-tions

vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Steaming up your braincircuit

A search for free cloth and what a jewel I found. Brain Circuit inc. is a shop filled with timeperiod outfits.
A large section is used for Victorian steampunk but also Georgian- and Goth theme is to be found. The gents are not forgotten, there's an equal offer of clothes and shoes for men and women.

I just love the setting and interior of this shop..
Brain Circuit provides this nice sailing teacup for exploring the surroundings.
Free matching outfits for men and women so I digged up Greebo and pursuaded him to take the human form for a while. This is the Lacey Outfit/ Fredrick Outfit.
 And Darlia Darling Gown/ Fine Gent
 What about these distinguished spectacles..
I spent quite some time in the shop to admire the lovely quality detailed outfits. A shop to remember and visit again!
and Greebo can be his charming little self again :)

PS. If you don't manage to tp inworlds by clicking the link, right click it, choose copy link, paste it in your chatbar and tp from there.  

woensdag 11 juni 2014

A Ring for Ursula

Does the freebiering ring a bell to you?
The freebiering is an initiative by Wolf Hartnell from Wolf-Tek and a very nice way to attrack people to your store. The website even lists the freebies that are currently available.. just have a look here.
I jumped in the ring and found great quality items and great quality stores I had never been before.

I'm wearing the Bridgette Short Outfit (comes with a swimsuit) from Avien's Tenth Avenue, a nice little shop with lovely outfits for reasonable prices. As I'm wearing sneakers, I made matching socks.
HOW TO MAKE SOCKS * the easy way
-go in appearance
-choose "edit outfit"
-click "clothing"
-click "socks"
-The lower menu will show you all socks you have in your inventory. Right click on any of them and choose "create new socks"
- use the slider for the desired socklength and color them as you like
- save the socks and name them. You'll find them in your inventory under clothes-tab.   

It seemed *TARO* has another free shape and skin Ursula (I already blogged Faye). Both very good looking and even better, the shape is modify so you can tweak her. I don't always like the free shapes but this one has good proportions and an interesting face.
I got the hair from a brown hair package at AMB freebiebasement. The hair is not flexi alas but I do like this bobstyle. The watery blue eyes are from *TARO* again, they came with the Faye groupgift.
Every girl needs some undies for one can loose attachements while teleporting ..;-)  This emerald bra and panties are from Sophia's Fashion. There's five different colors in the package.

Shape: *TARO*_Ursula_shape - *TARO*
Skin: *TARO*_Ursula_light_ Daily - *TARO*
Eyes: *TARO*_Secrets_Eyes_1 (groupgift) - *TARO*
Hair: AMB Layered Bob -DARK BROWN (box: Free Hair Brown) - AMB Bargain Basement
Clothes: Bridgette - Shorts & T-shirt freebiering - Avien's Tenth Avenue
Undies: Women's Bra and Panty Sets (Emerald) freebiering -  Sophia Fashions
Shoes:  DkDenim  Sneakers (groupgift) - Venus
Socks:  Homemade

zaterdag 7 juni 2014

A bit of RL - Alpe d'HuZes

This is an experience I'd like to share because it is a happy one but with sad origin.
I've been on a short vacation. I went with a company of 11 (family and friends) to the Alpes in France. Mostly for fun ofcourse :)
But our main goal was to be there on june 5th and take part in a very large event to bring in money for KWF, the dutch cancer association.
Through the year people collect money from sponsors or by organising their own small events (like spinning classes etc) and on this particular day they face the challenge to make an attempt to bike up the Alpe d'Huez 6 times in one day. That's why the name Alpe d'HuZes, zes is six in dutch. The road on that mountain is 14 kilometers long and very steep with 22 curves. Some of our party took the challenge by bike and some of us (me too) walked the way up. Btw 1 x up was far enough for me ;-)
Some things I saw walking up that hill moved me to tears.
The harmony and unity of participants and supporters were so wonderfull. So many people have a loved one in mind doing this. In every curve people lighted candles and there were so many signs and supporting text. There was music everywhere and a large number of volunteers to make sure that all went well.
As the participants not only wear a paper with a number but also their first name, supporters shout them to the top. helping them to exceed their limits.
At the finish on the top thousands of people cheer and every name of the participant that cross the finish is broadcasted.
Closing time was at 8 o clock and by that time an amount of 12 million euro's was collected by some 5000 participants. That amount will grow in the next couple of weeks as donations will still come in..
Our team collected apr. 6000 euro's, I'm very proud of them all :)
The money collected is especially meant for research, so maybe in future cancer is a chronic disease and not life threatening as in many cases is now.
Opgeven is geen optie!