zondag 31 januari 2016

Shopping spree..sort of

A clip and some music just because I happen to like this one :)

Today I went shopping. I didn't spend a dime but still came home with some good finds and most fun of all I've seen and been places.
First I found this cute mesh miniskirt at Stellar. The skirt comes in 5 sizes and 2 colors (black or blue), a handy basic piece for your wardrobe. The unisex baseballshirt is also found at Stellar.
The short killerheel boots are a freebie from Ravage Designs. They came with a free outfit.
Today I'm a blonde. This hairdo is Dany a free gift from MPP (My Pretty Pixels). Dany comes in a fatpack and I chose the color "Californian". And what a surprise! Touch the hair and you can change the color of the hairpins by a menu. This hair is well made, not a fancy mesh one, but decent, casual and stylish at the same time.
The skin's name is Nikki 2 and I found her @ Skin Sations. There is second skin (less nice imo) in the box and a shape that I didn't like but has the practical option that it's modify. Just use the sliders to make it more personal. I'm not wearing this shape in the picture, I'm quite attached to my own ;)

Click to enlarge picture

The second outfit is a blue gown with the confusing name "RED Maybe my baby" and I found it at JC X-clusives. The skirt is supposed to be further up the waist (maternity? babydoll?) but I like it better this way. I matched the gown with a pair of heels from MPP (My Pretty Pixels). These stilleto's come in silver or gold and a hud to match the color of your skin. The hair is Dany again and now in honey.
The skin with the name Chrissie (vs.2) is a dollarbie from Eye Candy.

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And here is the bonus .. but there is a catch. These wonderfull mesh shoes from Tootzie Footzie are for free but you'll have to match them with mesh high heel feet. Good and reasonably priced mesh feet can be found at iFeet and cost you 200 Izzies.

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Anyway feel free to tell me about your freebies or freebiefinds and I will show and blog them.

Styling pic 1
Skin - Nikki 2 (free skin and shape) - Skin Sations
Hair - Dany (groupgift) - MPP (My Pretty Pixels)
Outfit - Pinstripe Mini Skirt (groupgift) & Unisex Baseball shirt - Stellar
Shoes -  RD Cross Buckle Boots (in freebiebox RD Lace) - Ravage Designs

Styling pic 2
Skin - Chrissie (v2) medium (dollarbie) - Eye Candy
Hair - Dany (groupgift) - MPP (My Pretty Pixels)
Outfit - RED Maybe my baby - JC X-Clusives & Aragon casuals
Shoes - Pin Up Stiletto - MPP (My Pretty Pixels)

Picture 3
Shoes - Special Edition Jade Heels GG & Jayne GG Purple Paisley - Tootzie Footzie Mainstore

zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Jasmine Moon

Why do I Always find great shops (too) late!
I was shopping for garden furniture and found this free great firebowl and chairs with 9 sitting animations to pick from @ Button Moon. What a lovely and generous gift.
Today I received a groupnote about the closing of Button Moon. The owner and creator Elsie Moon is too busy in her rl to add anything new and decided to stop. She will continue DJ-ing though.
I wouldn't mind at all if she keeps her shops and don't add new because her builds are fun and there is so much to choose from :)
Anyway I didn't know her clothingline and had a look in "BM"as well.
I picked up her freebies and bought some other (mesh) clothes and shoes as well. All fits as a glove.
So hurry hurry before it's all gone...

 Click picture to enlarge
Meet Jasmine Moon. Jasmine is wearing the freebie outfit(s) from Button Moon- the swishy skirt and a mesh shrug too fit. I matched the outfit with black combat boots (also BM) which are not for free.
 Click picture to enlarge

The skin is named Jasmine - Gold Rush and yet another free gift (groupgift january) from Jill Studios . I think she is a beauty with an uhmm impressive cleavage.
As it is almost Valentine day I completed the outfit with a heart shaped pendant  from QT (quadrapop tree) wearables. It's an oldy and I don't know if it's still for sale or a freebie. It's worth to pay Atelier Adagio (qt's jewelry shop) a visit though for wearable art at low prices.

Click picture to enlarge
Skin - Jasmine Gold Rush / groupgift january- Jill Studios mainstore
Hair - Cora black/ groupgift - EMO-tions
Outfit: Perfect Swishy Skirt Gift & Shrug gift - BM (Button Moon)

zondag 17 januari 2016

The Wulf and the Eagle

Today I visited the medieval Aerion realm a roleplay cluster of eight sims and home of Eagle Designs for formals and medieval clothing, home decor and building components and Falcon Weapons Forge.
An adventurous and very detailed place to explore with jousting area, archery range, mystical spots , medieval cottages and a ballroom. I explored on horseback and practiced a little archery myself.
I don't know if RP is very active but I sure had a hell of a great time exploring the sims.
I got a Unity Meter, joined as a ranger and gave myself the title: The Lady of Ithil Dae. 
Aerion is created and owned by Warwick Falconer and Cira Emor.
Eagle Designs has a wide range of medieval/ fantasy clothes and the Lady Aerion outfit is for free.
The outfit comes with a belt, shoes and shirts for under the corset in five different colors. I have a few gowns from ED, some of them mesh and they all fit perfect.
click to enlarge!
 click to enlarge!

I'm wearing the jewelry set "Entwine the Fix" by WulfRaven from Tiana Genesis. The Original Entwine had a flaw which Tiana fixed but she decided to make another version with different gem colors and put this set for free ~WOOT!
Entwine the Fix contains a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. The set has a hud and you can change metal and gems both in ten texture options! Thank you Tiana for this generous gift.
While you are there have a close look at the other jewelry sets Tiana made; each and every piece is a fine work of art.
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Where can you get it?
Lady Aerion outfit : Aerion Outland- Eagle Designs
Entwine the Fix jewelry set: WulfRaven

zondag 3 januari 2016

Chic in Roses Petals

A happy New Year to you!
First blog of the year is about freebies again - or in this case almost freebies.

ChicaDelic is having a closing sale. Very sad to see this well organised and pleasant shop go.
Shopware is marked down to very low prices  so now is the last chance to purchase some of the most wonderful items like skin, eyes, clothes, scripterstools or even a full equiped photobooth .

I purchased a skin and some sets of eyes. The skin was a bit of a gamble as for this one no demo was available. Small gamble btw for only 25 izzies. And what a pleasant surprise, I love it !

Click picture to enlarge

The skin is named Nicki and comes with make up, freckles and nude lips.
I'm wearing the Glossy eyes- brown ( comes in set of 3).

I haven't visited the Freebie Ring - an initiative of Wolf Hartnell from Wolf-Tek services for quite some time and was curious if there were new merchants and stuff. Yep there are but still I choose to show off an elegant wintergown in plum by RPC from long time resident and designer Rosa Dagostino. The gown comes with lycra tights, high heeled shoes and a belt.

Click picture to enlarge
The hipster glasses are part of the groupgift from Chicadelic.
Start the Freebie Ring by visiting one of the participating merchants and hop to the next. It's a nice way to travel and explore and meanwhile pick up some quality goodies.
Shape: My own
Skin : Nicki Pale - Soft Freckles - Nude Lips- ChicaDelic
Eyes: Glossy Eyes Brown - ChicaDelic
Hair: Emilia Mid Brown - RFF (Run Free Fashion) - Not a freebie
Outfit: Winter Style Pum 1 - RPC (Rose Petal Creations) - Freebie Ring

UPDATE: Very sad.. both Chicadelic and  Rose Petal Creations are no more in Inworldz