zondag 22 juni 2014

Alli's candy and more sweets

Sometimes I visit shops out of habit, see if there's something new or just because I like the place.
Alli and Ali is one of them. I found out there's a hunt going on (one I didn't notice earlier).

It's very rewarding to do the hunt !
This is one of the hairs I won, I dyed  it a bit of brown, so it would fit the outfit I'm wearing. The original color is Raspberry. Nothing wrong with that color either :)
Shape and skin are Jill's. Jill has a new shop (larger and revamped) and I didn't find the groupgifts (yet). But there's mini mania, midnight mania and letterboards.
The collar and bracelet I found @ a neko shop named Eva Lou Creation. Lot's of goodies there, such as free gestures and partystuff and also five luckyletter chairs. If you love Neko go and check it out.

The mesh dress I wear is a freebie from Bitch Tail, this link is to the shop's blog. I matched the dress with a legging that's part of a (neko) outfit from Sweets! The ankle-high boots are a groupgift from Deviant Designs.

Shape: Kumiko Shape (groupgift) - Jill Studios
Skin: Keiko - Tea - Chinese New Year (groupgift) - Jill Studios
Hair: Nadira Hair Raspberry (hunt item) - Alli and Ali Designs
Dress: Candy Bitch Tail
Legging: Neko original pants -Sweets!
Shoes: Stefani tan - Deviant Designs
Jewelry: Collar and bracelet Earth CollectionEva Lou Creations
Click on pics to enlarge!

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