zaterdag 21 juni 2014

All things come and go, nothing is forever

I started this blog for fun and because I wondered if I could manage to start a nice avatar build on freebies.
During my sl -time I had a friend who almost had a days job to find the nicest free outfits and sending weekly notecards with pictures and landmarks about them. 
I remember, as a creator, I was thrilled if my items were blogged in Fabulous Free. 
I find Inworldz creators very generous. Besides the well known freebieplaces, just walk around in a mall and there's almost always a nice "catch".  
My blogposts are temporary though.
Shops come and go or move. Groupgifts are replaced or just taken away. Items that were free one day have a price the next day. That's how things goes and it's all up to the creator or shopkeeper and that is how it should be. Change is a good thing or we'll get bored.
So if you are working back thru my blogposts they might give you an outdated feel in some cases. I'm not going to check them ;-). I still think they give a nice impression of possibilities being a little bit creative and show the craftmanship of Inworldz designers. 
So if you make that click to visit a shop and don't find what you were looking for, relax and have a look around. Maybe you'll make other pleasant discoveries. (And if you do tell ME about them ;-))

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