zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Freebies 3 - meet YUE

I have 1/8 asian blood running through my veigns so I think I'm entitled to become this asian girl once in a while. Meet Yue

Mysterious eyes and pouting full lips. Again I shopped freebies and groupgifts. Here's what Yue is made of:
Yue's skin (Maya groupgift) is from a shop named "Jill" Upstairs is a men's section named "Jack".
Jill has a lot of groupgifts, some freebies, (very cheap) bargainsales and luckyletters boards. The shop is bright, colorfull and mostly asian orientated. I didn't use the shape that came with the skin. I didn't like her that much ;-). I used a freebieshape (no mod) named "Asha".

hard to see on the picture but lovely on screen: I added the -freckles add on-  from another Jill groupgift (Jaymee skins). Another add-on painted Yue's lips this nice soft pink (Kazumi lip tint- Lush red). Liptints were won from a Luckyletters-board in the shop.
Yue's wearing Ilianor Illios necklace, a generous gift from one of the most talented artists I know. Earrings not shown in the picture.

Yue's dress and ugg(z)- lookalikes again come from Jill's. Use add instead of wear to put on the boots. Stockings were a freebie once from "Not so effing serious it's pudding" I went to the shop but didn't find them again. Fun shop tho !

Shape: Asha Shape - Calia Creators Freebie Store
Skin: Maya - Jill (groupgift)
Add-ons: Maya Black Brows, Kazumi Liptint-Lush Red, Jaymee Freckles Add On - Jill (groepgifts, letterboard)
Hair: EMO-tions:. * CORA * black-groupgift -EMOtions
Eyes: RE_HD_Light Rain - Calia Creators Freebie Store
Clothes: Minka Top and skirt - Jill  (august groupgift)
Shoes: Uggz dark pink  - Jill (january groupgift)
Jewelry: Donna Fiortia - The Free Shop- Free 4 All

(Makes mental note to immediately ad a landmark when nice freebie is found, saves lots of time ;- )

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