maandag 12 mei 2014

SF 'n LC

Back to some freebies and some almost freebies.
I tp-ed on a note from SF designs that mentioned the free roses n cream party dress.
Pleasantly surprised to see this elegant shop for ladies and gents and even more pleased to see and try on this gorgious dress.
The dress has a mesh skirt (all sizes) and also a flexi skirt. Mesh puffed sleeves and back ties.
I prefer the mesh skirt, brings a little edge on this lovely dress.

While in the shop I found another free (evening) gown. Maybe a bit old school but certainly not outdated.
If you like simple elegance, this really is a dress suitable for many occassions. To make the fun complete: the dress comes with different skirts a bow and black pumps.
Skin, hair and eyes are from London Core. I remember that the owner/ creator didn't have the time to maintain her business but her shop stayed by the grace of the region owners. Almost all skins, hairs, eyes, and clothes are marked down to 1 Iz. No new items are added but there's enough to shop till you drop and not get broke :). I do like this sweet faced skin.

The shape is my own  Ears and lashes are from Elfworkz and not for free (but certainly not expensive).

Skin: Raven Honey Natural- London Core
Hair: LC Kim Hair (Almond)- London Core
Eyes: LC Trance Brown Eyes- London Core
Dresses: roses n cream party dress & liberty gown - SF Design

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