donderdag 29 mei 2014

Blowing kisses

I blog freebies. At least I try to find free nice creations that I like to share. I'm a builder at heart but this is another way of being creative as I'm a bit tired of building at the moment.
It struck me there are so many giving people in Inworldz. Oh I know, freebies are a way to advertise business but I see merchants who are so generous in what and how much they share.
So here's how I'd like to express my gratitude :)

I found this nice chalkboard @ Distorted Dreams
Most of the times I forget myself (blushes) but if you picked up a freebie and you are really pleased, im or send a note to the merchant/ creator and tell 'm. Nothing nicer than getting appreciation for the time and effort you put in a creation.

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