maandag 28 april 2014

I'm a pioneer

Today I'm 1482 days old. My Inworldz rezday was before 101231. And that makes me a pioneer:)

I remember the days when a tp ended with a foot in my mouth and my hair on my butt.
I remember the days when the only living soul was to be found on IDI.
I remember the days we all imported stuff like crazy or made what we needed by ourselves regardless buildingskills.
I remember the days it seemed we all had the same hair ..because so little was available. People just shared what they had.
Those were great days and fond memories.

But the small village named Inworldz has grown. Maybe not a metropole yet but certainly a town with enough diversity and distraction to never get bored. I sure wish we can keep the spirit of caring and sharing alive.

The pioneers of Inworlz have a home now. A place to meet friends who got out of sight and share some old and new memories. A place where all are welcome, also the younger pioneers. It's the spirit that counts after all. Come and see the magnificent castle build by strand starsider. Watch the hall of portraits or walk the grounds and be amazed. Hall of Pioneers
Thank you Angelique, Valaryia, Hawk, Tadhg and strand!

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