maandag 26 mei 2014

I dyed my hair & freebie outfit

I'm wearing ViRTuaL ATTIRE's freebie for the ladies. The shop also has a men's section with at least one free outfit. Black is one of my favourite colors so I like this black jumper and miniskirt. I'm wearing a black top under the jumper as the front is very low. I completed the outfit with ankle boots from Deviant Designs. The boots have cute spikes on the back.

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The skin is another one from CMC 's generous welcome gifts for new residents. The brows are a bit low but you can edit a bald head to get them how you see fit.
How to:
Go in appearance
edit outfit
choose the hair icon (has to be modifiable)
choose eyebrows tab
play with the sliders and see the effect.

On this moment there is a bug that makes it hard to save edits.
Best you can do is go to one of Inworldz sandboxes , edit and save by logging out and back in to the sandbox again.   

The shape is my own and this body is not for sale ;-)
The heavy eye make-up is on the skin but I gave her a peach lipstick I picked up @ Adorable Skiins from Summer Rose. Enlarge the picture to see the nice eye and nose piercing (tattoo layer) also from Adorable Skins. The hair is the current gift from A&A (Alli & Ali). I have the lovely liquid eyes in several colors but I almost forgot these blue ones are for free.

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I dyed my hair !

And this is how I did it.
Copy the (modifiable) hair and rezz the copy you made on the floor. Select the hair by right click and open it's contents. Drag a colour change menu script into the contents. Wear the hair and click it. A menu will pop up to select a colour. Try out different colors, you'll be amazed of the effects that are possibe. Go wild and make it green or pink. Ofcourse this will only work on a light colored hair.
Make sure you rename the hair. Works for prim and mesh hair (unless the mesh hair already has a colorchange menu). The only thing different is I couldn't make the menu work for rigged mesh hair while wearing it.
A free colour change script is available at The Free Script Library .

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Skin: Magic Gift skin - CMC Creations
Lipstick: Lipstick Peach - Adorable Skins
Piercings: Eye and nose piercing - Adorable Skins
Hair: Raina Hair Rust - Alli & Ali
Eyes:  Liquid Eyes (Midnight) - Deviant Designs
Clothes: My black jumper (including miniskirt) - ViRTual ATTIRE
Shoes: Stefani Tan - Deviant Designs

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