woensdag 21 mei 2014

Chez Lady in Red (medieval theme)

This is the last post on medieval theme for now..
Fayre Scribe from Chez Fayre is a well known creator of time-period and fantasy clothing. Looking for Middle-Earth clothes? It's all there. This dress is set for free in her shop.
The surfcae of Fayre's region is like a fairy and worth to pay a visit as well.
Again I used the free CMC shape and yet another CMC skin. This skin is very pale so I thought it would be nice to complete it with ash blonde hair.

I got the prim hair from a lucky board @ Deviant Designs. All colors AND matching hairbases were in the package. Eyes in blue-violet match the subtile eyeshadow on the face.

For you to know:
Big boobs always are popular in the virtual worlds.... This morning I read in a newspaper that the skinny/hungerlook is no longer the standard in RL modelwork. Big(ger) boobs are popular again thanks to Victoria's Secret :-D

Shape: Female Shape Welcome Gift - CMC skins
Skin: Emma Whisper Gift - CMC skins
Hair: Elora light ash - Deviant Designs
Eyes: ME! Eyes_blue violet  - my shop and Elvensong
Dress: Milady in red - Chez Fayre

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