maandag 19 mei 2014

A medieval touch for free

Madison sells the most wonderfull medieval gowns. I found two free ones in her store. Great for RP.
First there's Ulla. Detalied and laced,  a corset that makes a very thin waist. Also flat shoes come with this every day dress.

Caren McCaw's CMC is a large sophisticated shop with the most wonderfull skins. This megan skin is hidden in a large free surprisebox for new residents, full of skins and eyes and also this lovely modifiable shape.

The hair Ophelia is to be found on the freebie/ discount wall at Evie's closet. Evie marked most of her outfits down to 50 % of the original price. And that's a bargain for what (mostly fantasy themed outfits) she has in her store.
Eyes are from my free package described in an earlier post. These are the dark hazel ones.

Shape: CMC Female Shape Welcome Gift - CMC skins
Skin: CMC Megan Copper Fall Group Gift - CMC skins
Hair: Ophelia - Evie's closet
Eyes: ME! eyes_dark hazel - My shop or Elvensong
Gown (shoes included): Ulla - Madison's creations

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