maandag 5 mei 2014

Gypsies in Bellethiel

Bellethiel is owned by cracker taggart, one of the initiators of the Gypsy group.

This group is for all in IW who want to hear about and join in with GYPSY camps, festivals and events and to develop intersim collaborations where gypsies can freely roam and gather together.

Bellethiel is the ultimate gypsy region, wild and untamed with many hidden surprises.
The region is still under construction but beautifull as is already.
Gypsies roam from region to region when invited but cracker promised a dance every sunday 1pm.  All with a gypsy soul are welcome.
Read about the Gypsies of Inworldz right here

                                              stairs leading to?....

                                                             magic mushrooms

very strange encounter

                                            *sighs.. what a view...

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