zondag 17 januari 2016

The Wulf and the Eagle

Today I visited the medieval Aerion realm a roleplay cluster of eight sims and home of Eagle Designs for formals and medieval clothing, home decor and building components and Falcon Weapons Forge.
An adventurous and very detailed place to explore with jousting area, archery range, mystical spots , medieval cottages and a ballroom. I explored on horseback and practiced a little archery myself.
I don't know if RP is very active but I sure had a hell of a great time exploring the sims.
I got a Unity Meter, joined as a ranger and gave myself the title: The Lady of Ithil Dae. 
Aerion is created and owned by Warwick Falconer and Cira Emor.
Eagle Designs has a wide range of medieval/ fantasy clothes and the Lady Aerion outfit is for free.
The outfit comes with a belt, shoes and shirts for under the corset in five different colors. I have a few gowns from ED, some of them mesh and they all fit perfect.
click to enlarge!
 click to enlarge!

I'm wearing the jewelry set "Entwine the Fix" by WulfRaven from Tiana Genesis. The Original Entwine had a flaw which Tiana fixed but she decided to make another version with different gem colors and put this set for free ~WOOT!
Entwine the Fix contains a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. The set has a hud and you can change metal and gems both in ten texture options! Thank you Tiana for this generous gift.
While you are there have a close look at the other jewelry sets Tiana made; each and every piece is a fine work of art.
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Where can you get it?
Lady Aerion outfit : Aerion Outland- Eagle Designs
Entwine the Fix jewelry set: WulfRaven

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