zondag 3 januari 2016

Chic in Roses Petals

A happy New Year to you!
First blog of the year is about freebies again - or in this case almost freebies.

ChicaDelic is having a closing sale. Very sad to see this well organised and pleasant shop go.
Shopware is marked down to very low prices  so now is the last chance to purchase some of the most wonderful items like skin, eyes, clothes, scripterstools or even a full equiped photobooth .

I purchased a skin and some sets of eyes. The skin was a bit of a gamble as for this one no demo was available. Small gamble btw for only 25 izzies. And what a pleasant surprise, I love it !

Click picture to enlarge

The skin is named Nicki and comes with make up, freckles and nude lips.
I'm wearing the Glossy eyes- brown ( comes in set of 3).

I haven't visited the Freebie Ring - an initiative of Wolf Hartnell from Wolf-Tek services for quite some time and was curious if there were new merchants and stuff. Yep there are but still I choose to show off an elegant wintergown in plum by RPC from long time resident and designer Rosa Dagostino. The gown comes with lycra tights, high heeled shoes and a belt.

Click picture to enlarge
The hipster glasses are part of the groupgift from Chicadelic.
Start the Freebie Ring by visiting one of the participating merchants and hop to the next. It's a nice way to travel and explore and meanwhile pick up some quality goodies.
Shape: My own
Skin : Nicki Pale - Soft Freckles - Nude Lips- ChicaDelic
Eyes: Glossy Eyes Brown - ChicaDelic
Hair: Emilia Mid Brown - RFF (Run Free Fashion) - Not a freebie
Outfit: Winter Style Pum 1 - RPC (Rose Petal Creations) - Freebie Ring

UPDATE: Very sad.. both Chicadelic and  Rose Petal Creations are no more in Inworldz

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