zaterdag 30 januari 2016

Jasmine Moon

Why do I Always find great shops (too) late!
I was shopping for garden furniture and found this free great firebowl and chairs with 9 sitting animations to pick from @ Button Moon. What a lovely and generous gift.
Today I received a groupnote about the closing of Button Moon. The owner and creator Elsie Moon is too busy in her rl to add anything new and decided to stop. She will continue DJ-ing though.
I wouldn't mind at all if she keeps her shops and don't add new because her builds are fun and there is so much to choose from :)
Anyway I didn't know her clothingline and had a look in "BM"as well.
I picked up her freebies and bought some other (mesh) clothes and shoes as well. All fits as a glove.
So hurry hurry before it's all gone...

 Click picture to enlarge
Meet Jasmine Moon. Jasmine is wearing the freebie outfit(s) from Button Moon- the swishy skirt and a mesh shrug too fit. I matched the outfit with black combat boots (also BM) which are not for free.
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The skin is named Jasmine - Gold Rush and yet another free gift (groupgift january) from Jill Studios . I think she is a beauty with an uhmm impressive cleavage.
As it is almost Valentine day I completed the outfit with a heart shaped pendant  from QT (quadrapop tree) wearables. It's an oldy and I don't know if it's still for sale or a freebie. It's worth to pay Atelier Adagio (qt's jewelry shop) a visit though for wearable art at low prices.

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Skin - Jasmine Gold Rush / groupgift january- Jill Studios mainstore
Hair - Cora black/ groupgift - EMO-tions
Outfit: Perfect Swishy Skirt Gift & Shrug gift - BM (Button Moon)

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