maandag 11 augustus 2014

Is Venus your Muse?

But I'll never let you go
If you promised not to fade away
Never fade away


Do I love that band!!!  :-)

Two freebie outfits from outstanding quality. The creators from both Venus and Muse are so very productive and best of all they let us enjoy their generous freebies. I also picked up two gift skins from Diamond Style. All pictues are made in my backyard garden in Ithil Dae.

I'm wearing "Tattered" Muse's new groupgift. The jeans with cuffs come in eight! colors and the top comes in three. The top can be extended by wearing a shorts layer so you can show or hide your belly as you wish.  

The Sara is skin is a little pale so I added a blush and eyeshadow from inventory. I think this skin looks pretty on the shape which is my own. While I was in my garden I picked some daisies and made me a wreath. Eyeshadow is from Cinnamon Girl - Make up 21- NOT free (but cheap)

The second outfit today is "Twiggy" from Venus. The mesh-miniskirt is in a vibrant shiny color and comes in all regular sizes. I completed the outfit with uggs from Annmaries shoes and boots. They keep my feet warm.

Carolina skin allraedy has a make up, a darkpink lipstick and blue-ish eyeshadow. It seems a little much but it works very well. I used my freebie shape "Starlight".

A close up of the sturdy brown uggs. 
Shopping succeeded ! 

Styling 1
Skin: Sara (august gift)- Diamond Style
Add on: Blush ad on (Kumiko groupgift june '14) - Jill Studios Mainstore (and Cinnamon Girl make up 21, not free)  
Outfit: Tattered (groupgift) - Muse
Hair: Sara-Iced Latte (dollarbie) - London Core
Eyes: ME! eyes_black - freebiewall Elvensong or my shop
Shoes: Eleanor purple (groupgift) - Deviant Designs

Styling 2
Shape: Starlight - freebiewall Elvensong or my shop
Skin: Carolina (august groupgift) - Diamond Style
Outfit: Twiggy Mini (groupgift) - Venus Fashions
Hair: Jessie Almond (dollarbie) - London Core
Eyes: ME! eyes_blue violet - freebiewall Elvensong or my shop
Shoes: Dark brown ugg boots (groupgift) - Annmaries shoes and boots

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