donderdag 17 juli 2014


Long time no see. I've been very busy inworlds and in RL. Todays blogpost is all about Muse.
Heather Shadowheart is creator and owner of MUSE. She's one of the most gifted and generous creators I know in Inworldz. In her mainstore you'll find groupgifts, prizedrawing and lucky chairs with clothes and shoes directly from her stock.
Mesh clothes come in different sizes and fit perfectly. I really love her style and visit her shop again and again. Prices are unexpected low for this kind of quality.

And now Heather needs some of our generosity. Read why and how in her post on Inworldz forum right here.

Click to enlarge!
Muse's stock is far larger than is shown in shop. I bought the Etherial dress in green right here and it was real easy. All creations also can be seen on Muse's blog. Scrolling will make you greedy ;-)
As Heather is unable to cash out Izzies, donations can be made directly on her blog.

I'm wearing the current groupgift named "Tanked". The mesh tanktop comes in seven colors and five sizes and is accompanied by grey jeans with cuffs.

Skin: Maya - Peach - Plush (luckyboard) - Jill Studios Mainstore
Outfit: Tanked (groupgift) - Muse
Shoes: Purple Eleanor (groupgift) - Deviant Designs

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