vrijdag 25 juli 2014


"Close your eyes, stop your ears
Close your mouth and then you know
Let others take the lead and you bring up the rear
And later you can say you didn't know"

Song of Choice  by Solas

And yes life is full of choices ..
But happily in this case Mimi makes some choices for us and she has great taste doing so.
I think most of us have at least once visited her simwide mall.
Mimi has managed to get the most sophisticated and special designers all under her roof with clothes, hairs, skins AO's and all you can think off for both men and women.

 click to enlarge!
When I visited Mimi's Choice I found this super gift from AlaFolie, a cocktaildress in cafe-vanille with matching shoes. In another part of the store I found a gift for may 1th (why am I so late to find these stuff..), a necklace and earrings with the looks of a piece of art. The jewelry comes with a hud to change textures. Happy mixing and matching :) 
click to enlarge!
The skin from Jill Studio's is a freebie ring gift and lovely as always.
The hair is "Marilyn" from Alli and Ali designs (A&A) but not free! I just couldn't resist it because it's so darn cute :)

Shape : MJ Starlight shape- Elvensong & my shop
Skin: Makiko Pinked (freebiering) - Jill Studios Mainstore
Dress: "AlaFolie" CAFE_VANILLE (gift) -AlaFolie@Mimi's Choice
Jewelry: joyeux 1er mai  (groupgift) - AlaFolie@Mimi's Choice

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