zondag 27 april 2014

Freebies 2 (yay yay)

I'm getting the hang of it. I saw so much niceness on my freebie-travels and deceided to put another one. Let's have a look...

I'm wearing a simple capri and playfull "rolled up" top. The top comes in several layers, one of them (top layer) is mesh. If you can't find ZcZ in groups , search for Zanzibar. The shape is again a very nice one but copy only.

This good looking skin is a groupgift from Step Inside. The shop sells skins (also templates for builders), clothes and shoes all with reasonable prices. The skin comes in 3 tones-  Milk, Medium and Tan.

Eyes are from Elfworkz. Great shop that sells the best elven-ears (fantasy ears) ever!

The hair is a freebie from A&A (Alli & Ali designs). I picked it up (not so long ago) from a hunt pumpkin(?;-) laying on the shop's floor. I think it's still there and if not.. A&A has some great groupgift-hairs. The earrings are *KF* (Kate Fiorell). They come with a lovely necklace not shown here.

Shoes are worth a pic of their own. Deviant Designs again. The metal parts can be colored gold or silver on touch.

Shape: Diamond Avatar *Shape Lilli gift  Fabulous Freebies Store
Skin: Groupgift *step inside*  Step Inside
Hair: A&A Pax Hair Russet  Alli & Ali
Eyes: Elfworkz Eyes-Cobalt Blue  Elfworkz
Top: ZcZ Play me rolled top *groupgift*  Zanzibar
Pants: JCX Dark capri Pant  Fabulous Freebies Store
Shoes: Deviant Designs- Milano Blue (groupgift) Deviant Designs
Jewelry: *KF* Tan'e Bloom in Silver Fabulous Freebies Store

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