maandag 8 februari 2016

Valentine Two

My Hunt Group is having a Valentine hunt from february 8th - 15th
My Hunt Group on the web:
Startingpoint is @  My Hunt Group Information Centre In this place you can get all information on the participating Merchants and their landmarks and clues.

List of participating Merchants
F & F Creation- Fine Arts
Teal Freenote
Festive Occasion
The Caprioni Style
Melonie Romano
Tat2diva Jules
Market hunt/ You & I
You & I / Shadow Marqules
Jill Studios/ Panda Boo
Teal Etzel
Rosslyn's Guardian
Kayla Tigerfish
Ansara LeGuin
Brooklynz/ Brooklynn Peretz
Star Miszer
Niek Marqules
Girlie Goth/ Skyrah Rose
Belladonna Blanco

I salute you all for the most generous gifts and the time and care you put in!

Anyway here is a small impression of the wonderfull gifts. No fun in revealing what shop/ creator they are from. Do the hunt, follow clues and be surprised :)
And copied from the accompaning note: "While you are hunting a little shopping  will do you good! We have the most creative Sponsors on the IW grid!"

 lick picture to enlarge
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Some of the items I wear are not found in the hunt. I'll list them below
Skin - CMC Emma Whisper Gift - Welcome Gifts for new Residents of Inworldz - CMC Creations
Eyes - Avatar -Eye-Aqua -Free Eye collection (Linda Kelly) - Delirium
Hair not free
Shoes are found in the Valentinehunt but they have to be matched with mesh high feet f.i. iFeet

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