zondag 7 februari 2016

Valentine One

A Valentine special from "Simon's cat"  

I my former blogpost I mentioned Tees You. As I checked the landmark it seemed the december groupgift was replaced by februari groupgift. In time for Valentine Day this cute red - heart dotted mesh minidress in several sizes. So worth to blog an extra today :)

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I used the free photo studio a groupgift from Breezy Builds (by Breezy Reign) to make a picture. The photo studio is packed in a rez box and has build in poses and different lightings and backgrounds to play with. Breezy Builds specializes in quality low cost homes, offices and skyboxes but there is a wide range of (group) gifts available as well. How generous!

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This is the free photostudio on my buildingplatform. Excuse the mess.

Dont forget there are VALENTINE HUNTS going on. I didn't get the chance to check them out yet but I'm sure there will be great catches to find and lotsa fun on the way.

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