woensdag 10 september 2014

Lady in Meadow

And another one because I've been away for a while...

You know, it's not easy to keep love flowing smooth
People are people and they all have their moods
But it's so nice just to have someone like you
Who wants a smooth and easy thing
And all the good times that it brings
(just because I like this one .. :)

Another dress from Kally Skytower. This is the august groupgift "Summer Meadow"- green and light and breezy.
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Another skin available following the The Freebie Ring is Freeda from SKINVY. The skin has a lot of contrast/ shadow painted, making it very lively. The lips and eyeshadow are gorgious but the nails are not very detailed but plain white.
Brows and freckles again are add-ons from the Annet package I already mentioned in previous post.

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Another QT wearable necklace (freebie ring also see previous post) I so very much do like. Simple but perfect. Again the Shakira hair but in snow.

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These floral sandals are a groupgift from - Merci- . Detailed and lovely. The sandals come with a hud. Using the hud you can color the tone of skin and nails and - hold your breath- you can make the sandals dissapear to have bare tippetietoe feet. A reilly reilly GREAT gift as you can grab all 6! colors. I don't know for how long this groupgift will be available so hurry. While you are there check out the shop for other great shoes.

Skin: Freeda skin (freebiering) - SKINVY
Hair: Shakira/ snow (groupgift) - Emo-tions
Add-ons: Annet T1 package (freebiering) - TSYI
Dress: Summer Meadow (groupgift) - Skytower designs
Jewelry: Gold glass circular pendant (QT wearables/ freebiering) - QT Galleries
Shoes: Floral Sandals (groupgift) - Merci

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