maandag 9 februari 2015

The Freebieshack

Makes no sense at all this music with this post but it happens to be Valentine soon so here's a song I can listen over and over again.
Nothing Reilly Matters- Mr Probz

Paperwhite Village @ Fusepark, is the home of Full Perm Sculpties owner Rusalka Writer.Who DOESN't own one or more of her Boxes o' Sculpties...
The residents of Paperwhite Village made a home and or keep shops. I have a satelite shop there since way way back. Rents are cheap and I just happen to like the look of that place lots.

Sometimes I take a stroll to see what's new and I stumbled upon this odd little shop; The Freebieshack. The Freebieshack, subtitled "Old free junk"is owned by Avia Lake.
The notecard that comes with the goodies says:
"you can find all of my old, random, crappy and sometimes useful things that I've created for fun over the years"
Anyway some items are useless but hilarious. What about a hairstraightener or an "ugly deskbell"
Other items are cute or maybe exactly what you need.
A refreshing and surprising freebieplace :)

Here's the "sexy smiler" I took. Not just the boring creepy repeating smile but a few facial emotes that are lined up in one Smiler.

The Leafy Stick in my mouth and the Heart Necklace are gifts I found @ the Love of Inworldz Artfest. Curtsy to the artists Violetta Biziou and Miso Susanowa.

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